Instructor of record for all sections

Graduate Seminar

Topics in British Literature after 1660: The Gender of Modernism

Upper-division Courses

Pregnancy in Modern Literature
World Literature Since 1900
Critical Issues in Literary Studies (intro to theory)
Modernism in Britain and the United States
Women in Literature: Killing the Angel in the House
Major Figures in Women’s Literature
Twentieth-Century American Novel

Lower-division Courses

Introduction to Medical Humanities
Introduction to Humanities
Humanities Literature
Introduction to English Studies
American Literature Survey, Civil War-present
Introduction to the Short Story
Introduction to Literature
English Composition I
Freshmen Writing and Research
Freshmen Composition and Rhetoric
College Writing and Reading II
College Writing and Reading I

New Course Development

HUM 364/WGSS 364: Pregnancy in Modern Literature
HUM 125: Introduction to Medical Humanities